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Architectural Brass has a housekeeping cart to handle any of your hotel, condo, casino, restaurant or office building needs. We have the exact cleaning cart to do the task for any facility which has a janitorial staff. You can also find Architectural Brass carts in retail malls, the hospitality industry and many other locations. Our carts are ahead of all others when it comes to efficiency and durability.  Architectural Brass uses only the finest materials when manufacturing all models of housekeeping carts.  Architectural Brass' high end carts can be crafted from a large assortment of materials and finishes.  You can select from stainless steel, brass, bronze, copper and other metals. You may want to have your cart made from one of the high quality wood or wood laminates we offer. The finishes that are available range from direction or non directional satin, polished, powder coat paint and more. Our excellent design team creates elegant, but practical, mobile cleaning carts and cleaning stations, GRA carts, maid carts and towel storages, which will enhance the appearance of your property. Our professionl designers can assist you in building the perfect cart for your particular facility demands. When you purchase a cart, your housekeeping staff will be more organized and efficient, cutting cleaning time considerably. Unlike low cost products, our high end quality carts are made from only the best materials available, making them easier to clean and  maintain. This also ensures a rugged, durable and long lasting cleaning cart. Let your professional and experienced sales representatve help you custom craft your housekeeping cart to meet your location needs. You will have the same sales representative throughout your entire project. This representative will assist you from the creative  to making shipping arrangements, as well as payment. Our sole purpose is to provide you with a product, which is not only stylish, but practicle, durable, long long lasting and reliable. 

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